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Sundiver Press is no longer in operation! Sad!

What was Sundiver Press? Sundiver Press was the literary equivelant of street musicians. What are street musicians? Street musicians are performers who love to play music. It doesn’t matter where or for who, they just want to play somewhere for someone. That was the idea behind Sundiver Press, bringing writing directly from writers to readers.

Sundiver Press was not rejection of the mainstream media, and it was not rebellion, no more then street musicians are rebelling against the big record labels. Sundiver Press was the use of individual skills and talents to distribute written expression. Part of that expression is the construction of the medium, the book, itself.

That’s why it was Sundiver Press, not Sundiver Literary Group or Sundiver Publishing House. All of the books were printed and bound in the home of the author, all design work was done by the author. Everything from start to finish was part of the creative process of the written work itself.

More information about the writing and printing are included here. Hundreds of pages of sample writing are filed under the writing links to the right. The writing sections are continualy updated.

            Hope you love it!

New Sundiver Fish!

Meet the new Sundiver fish! Everyone always thought he was a shark. He's not, he's a flying fish! A Sundiver. As in, jumping out of the water into the sunlight, Sun Diver, get it? This new version has both wings up. He's still pretty cute, but the image isn't as circular as before. The old fish would look good on a coin, in case someone wanted to mint legal tender in honor of Sundiver Press. Just in case.

Current Events

New Book!

The Adventures of Sir Thomas, Tomato and Trout the Ox, This is a fairy tale for the whole family. It's the story of a young boy and a young girl exploring the world in search of adventure. To learn more use the Books Link or click HERE.

Upcoming Work

The focus has kind of been on Journalism for a while, so fiction has been on the back burner for a few months. Of course more journalism means more material for the Shadows collection, which is a great showcase for the variety of writing I do. I’m still working on two fiction novels when I have time, The Death of Lucy Cotter, and Leftovers. Both have already been in print but I pulled them from production for major revision.
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