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The Death of Lucy Cotter


A lot of people want answers, this book is about the questions.

The Death of Lucy Cotter is a finished novel I'm in the process of rewriting. The image here is one of about twenty copies made by my friend Steven Maynard in 1996 when he worked at a copy place.

I have more then a hundred pages of notes for the rewrite, more by far then the original finished book. I also did six weeks of field research to gather location specific information for the story.

Below is a link to the first chapter of the rewrite. It’s a bit different then the original, but basic idea is the same. I’m making it available to read so everyone can get a feel for the finished book. This chapter could change as I work on the rewrite.

I'm taking a certification in writing at NYU and I will work on this book for the classes. This book is very difficult to work on unless I give it a lot of time every day. I have twenty pages of notes that guide the structure, everything in those notes must be fresh in my mind to write.

Death, in the title, is a metaphor. Lucy doesn't die in this story. I hate to ruin the suspence, because I thought that suspense might add to the tale, but some avoid the story because they don't want to read about death.

People keep asking, and I'll stop denying. Yes, this story is loosely, very loosely, based on my life.


Click HERE to read chapter 1.


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