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The Odyssey

This is a picture of the Odyssey. It's an old school bus I lived in for about a year, and used for a motor home after that. It was originally a 56 passenger bus, but a couple years before I bought it, it was converted into a bus for wheelchairs. That’s why they painted it blue, like the wheel chair parking signs.

The roof rack is a deck, 25 feet long by 8 feet wide, with holes for tying down the kayaks and two permanent mounts for deck umbrellas. There was also a smaller deck on the back, eight feet wide by 4 feet long. The deck on the back was made to carry a motorcycle, but I never got one up there.

The inside had two captains chairs from a conversion van, and a bench seat that folded into a bed. There was also a twin bed in the back with a huge storage box under it.

Throughout owning the Odyssey I refused to eliminate any natural light, so I never built anything taller then the windows. The whole bus was filled with glorious sunlight as I drove. Curtains for privacy were hung with magnets, hundreds of magnets, all over the metal ceiling.

I drove the Odyssey all over the country, from New York City to Utah, to Nevada, and to the Florida Keys where I lived in it for 6 months. I always drove with the door open.

I eventually sold the Odyssey because I didn’t have time to use it anymore. A rock band from New Orleans bought it as a touring vehicle.


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