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Insurers Deny Children

This poem, or whatever, is in reference to this article:

Insurers Deny Children
March 28, 2010
By David Allaband

How could we sink this low?
How could we become
so much less
then our potential?
We could be
every day,
but we don’t do that.
We don’t get better.
We just get
There will always be evil
among us,
but why must
we all be evil?
Why can’t any of us
really do
what needs to be done?
Whatever it is
why can’t anyone
figure out,
and then do it?
The fact that we can’t,
means we’ve all failed.
And one,
in a moment
that we
perhaps are not a society
destine to rule well
over the earth.
as an American
have failed to make this world
a good place
for all people.
Given the opportunity
and freedom
of my country.
Even in poverty
I can do anything
And I always knew it.
I knew,
when I turned eighteen,
I was out.
And I was out,
at sixteen.
That’s possible
To be sixteen
and beholden to no one
for anything.
To have the ability
to go and do
anything you want
in the world.
To be limited
by your imagination
and your heart.
And your loneliness.
But that’s another story.
The world knows of this freedom.
And I think
There’s a little bit of envy,
And I think
There’s a little bit of respect.
That even the poor
of our country
have freedom
only the wealthy
of their country
can afford.
With this freedom
comes responsibility.
There are people in this world
There are people here in our own country
And we refuse to provide for them.
We have cars.
We have TVs.
We have houses that keep out
the weather.
We have twenty-four hour electricity
for years at a time.
Now we have
a research/communication tool
providing almost
access to information.
How can life be so sweet,
without the taste of rot?
Rotten for having more
then every other person
on earth.
We are
The resources of this planet
must be
divided equally.
Only then
can we ever hope
to have a soul
of anything more
Then extinction.
I speak of all mankind.
But specifically,
I speak of anyone
working for an insurance company
that denies medical coverage
to children.
If you are not evil
You would not work there.
You are not innocent
if you work there.
By lending your aid,
Even for only a paycheck
You agree
That mankind
Should turn it’s back
on the sick
of it’s own.
And that I
have no idea
how to convince you
That this is evil
means that I
Am not better
because I
do not understand
right and wrong
so well myself.
So I am as bad as you,
for I am part of the system
and I do not fight.
Except for this thought
that I might do something
with writing.
And of course
this is selfish fantasy.
I am nothing.
And neither of us is fighting.
That is why



Two days later, March 30, 2010, this happened.

An excerpt from the article:
"Insurers said they would accept the administration’s reading of the law, even if they did not fully agree with it, because they wanted to avoid a showdown over the politically explosive issue of health insurance for sick children."

Insurers did not agree to cover children because it is the only morally acceptable thing to do, they did it to save face. I guess the system does work. If insurers have zero motivation to be good, at least their evil is shaped by consumer discomfort. It's the American dream.


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