Follow the Flying Fish

The Adventures of Sir Thomas, Tomato & Trout the Ox


I always wanted to illustrate this book. Something like old children's books with a picture only every few pages. I even took a drawing class in college. Unfortunately my drawing class was taught by a woman who was a professional art critic, not an artist herself, so I came out with no more skill, and much less confidence.

Years after writing this book, years more after printing it, I finally got the nerve to sit down and start some drawings. Unfortunately time constraints cut the project short. I only finished this one image.

This drawing is a scene from Chapter 7, Submergent Tomato. Hopefully, maybe, someday there will be more. This image is not in the printed book. I can't put it in alone as it does not represent the book as a whole. This drawing, if it were the only one in the book, would give a false impression of the story.

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