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The Adventures of Sir Thomas, Tomato & Trout the Ox

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In 1998 I read a collection of short fairy tales. One of them caught my attention. It was the story of a little girl who stole an enormous Ogre's sword and saved several people. Though she was hardly developed as a character I liked the little girl. What I didn't like was that she had become masculine in the process of saving everyone. Why can't a little girl save the day and still be a little girl? So I got the idea to write a fairy tale about a little girl who saves the day and stays true to herself.

Though Sir Thomas is the driving motivation for the action of the story, Tomato is the impetus for events. Sir Thomas is militant and Tomato is a pacifist, they interact and their ideas meld into new views that incorporate both sides. In many ways the story promotes being true to ones self, but it also promotes flexibility of character. Know who you are, but be ready to accept the views of others.

But really, in the end, it's a happy story about a seven year old knight, his seven year old page, and the big ox they ride around on.

There are three books in print, nineteen books in total. The first three chapters of book one are available below for you to read.

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