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Thoughts On Writing

I believe writing is an art, and I try to treat it that way. My personal fascination is with expressing the whole of a situation. Not only what can be seen, tasted, or heard, but what touches you at any moment. I try to give words to feelings that naturally exist beyond words.

Fiction of today seems to havefallen into a rut ofmethods and formulas that create a story so rooted in mass acceptance that mediocrity is the only possible outcome. Consumers of such work may as well turn on the TV.

Standing in a museum before a work of art upon canvas one does not complain that the immediate meaning of the piece isn’t clear. One expects to walk away from a painting with questions about the artist’s intentions. The painter is expected to craft images not readily understood by the majority of viewers. The importance is the beauty in the question, or the beauty in the realization that we do not even understand the question.

So why not so with the written word? Perhaps Mr. Gutenberg’s press spread the printed page to such a diverse audience that authors had to accept mediocrity to cope. Today we have TV to hold the reigns of human disinterest and apathy. In our era authors are specially gifted with the opportunity to recreate a mass communication medium in which great volumes of information can be dispersed, but with the pen poised like a brush. Our readers are reading not because paper is the only means of information, our readers are reading because they WANT to.

In certain ways I expect something from my readers. I think it’s about time readers started expecting something from writers. This two dimensional page is not the extent of depth in my art, it is the canvas upon which my words are painted. The images created exist in your imagination, find questions there.

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