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About Twilight's name, I became aware of a pattern in cultural studies, there's always some type of character that exists between extremes. Between life and death, between day and night, between mortals and gods.

These creatures inhabit the transitional places in all things. They're around when life crumbles into death, they're near when a mother gives birth, they're there in the shadows of the sunset. Some kind of traveler, neither good nor evil, always almost there. And I started thinking about my motorcycle and how it makes me feel that way. I'm not popular and I'm not an outcast. I'm not a pedestrian or an automobile. I've gone beyond a zone of safety, yet I am not in any immediate danger. I have no bounds or lines to guide me, I move in all directions at once. And no matter where I go I'll have only one tool to work with, and that's that I'm not really anything, but something in between. So when I heard about the existence of these creatures in pretty much every society on earth it struck me as something powerful within us. That we truly believe in this concept to the very roots of our human nature. And it made me think about how often I get to connect to a place like that. How lucky I am. And that's why I named my motorcycle Twilight, because when I ride it, I'm there.

This picture is us on the California Coast in the summer of 2007. We rode ten thousand miles that summer, camping most of the way. All the camping equipment and clothes and tools and a bag of fresh fruit are all on the bike in that picture.

Twilight is a 1973 BMW R75/5, mostly. Twilight has been modified with parts from BMWs ranging all the way up until 1985, and some modern doodads. There are people who hate those of us who modify old bikes, but I bought Twilight broken down and destine for dismemberment and sale on Ebay, so don't feel bad. That, and I ride Twilight all the time, and on long trips. The upgrades I have done are an effort to keep the bike functional in the modern world. Most people, even those who own these bikes, can't tell I made any modifications at all, because I did it in such a way as to keep the 1973 look of the bike.

R75 means it's a 750cc engine, which is small in the US, but big in the rest of the world.


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