Follow the Flying Fish


A Collection of Short Works

Shadows is everything I write shorter then a novel. It's filled with short stories, plays, journalism, a poem or two. I add to it all the time, so it's always getting bigger, and will never be finished. When I sell books at Union Square this is the one that sells the most.

The title refers to shadows of meaning. We tend to see an object, not the shadow cast by it. Equally, when reading, we tend to see the words, not the subtle shades of information those words are sometimes intended to convey.

The image on the cover is not a tree. Okay, it is a tree, but the idea behind this tree is that it can be many things depending on how you look at it. It might be a bare tree, it might be a cave with branching tunnels, it might be the diverging paths of many people. Diverging paths is the idea I had when I chose this image everyone else thinks is a tree.


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